Monthly Archives: December 2021

The New Maps (Guest: Bill Ballenger)

For the first time ever, Michigan’s new congressional and legislative district maps have been drawn by non-politicians: the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission, created by the 2018 ballot proposal 2. What does it mean for Michigan’s political balance of power? And will the maps survive inevitable court challenges? Mark Brewer and Jeff Timmer are both experts … Continue reading The New Maps (Guest: Bill Ballenger)

Redistricting and More (Guest: Kyle Melinn)

The Michigan Supreme Court tells the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission that its closed-door meeting violated the state constitution. However, the newly released memos from that meeting were a big nothing-burger, raising questions of why the Commission created the controversy in the first place. Joining the conversation is one of the state’s top political writers, Kyle … Continue reading Redistricting and More (Guest: Kyle Melinn)

The 21st Century Muckraker (Guest: Judd Legum)

Two GOP heavyweights face off: Michigan Right to Life endorses one candidate for Attorney General, former President Trump has endorsed another. Who will prevail? Also on the docket this week: the Trump plan to overthrown the election and stage what amounts to a coup to stay in power. The revelations from the House Committee on … Continue reading The 21st Century Muckraker (Guest: Judd Legum)

Abe Would Be Proud (Guest: Reed Galen)

A coalition of the state’s leading newspapers sue Michigan’s Independent Redistricting Commission for what the newspaper say were unconstitutional closed sessions, signaling the beginning of a long season of legal battles for the Citizens’ Commission. Mark and Jeff also analyze Governor Whitmer’s break with the Biden administration over vaccine mandates, and discuss the politics that … Continue reading Abe Would Be Proud (Guest: Reed Galen)

Slaying the Dragon (Guest: Walt Sorg)

Two of the most emotional issues of the last few decades came to a head this week: gun safety, and abortion rights. Mark and Jeff take a look at the politics in the aftermath of the horrific shooting in Oxford, and the U.S. Supreme Court hearing on Mississippi’s efforts to overturn Roe v. Wade. They … Continue reading Slaying the Dragon (Guest: Walt Sorg)