Monthly Archives: January 2023

#MichiganGrit (Guest: Senate Majority Leader Winnie Brinks)

Topping the political news this week: the Governor delivers a populist State of the State message, with Democrats in the Legislature cheering repeatedly and Republican members sitting on their hands – even to the point of not cheering a proposal to help young children, or throwing shade at Ohio and Indiana. Mark and Jeff analyze the … Continue reading #MichiganGrit (Guest: Senate Majority Leader Winnie Brinks)

MAGA Mania (Guest: Denver Riggleman)

We’ve got a MAGA alert agenda this week: Michigan Republicans have a battle of election deniers for chair of their party.  Some top Michigan Republicans want to draft charisma-challenged Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to lead the 2024 ticket.  In Ottawa County, the MAGA takeover of the Republican Party is on full display with a purge … Continue reading MAGA Mania (Guest: Denver Riggleman)

The Domino Effect

The Michigan Legislature’s 2023 session has officially started. Democrats, now controlling both chambers for the first time in 40 years, have already introduced a raft of high-priority bills. And the 2024 game of political musical chairs is underway. We update the race to succeed Debbie Stabenow in the Senate, and the likely domino effect of … Continue reading The Domino Effect

The Stabenow Surprise

In Washington D.C., Republicans are a hot mess – with two former Michigan congressmen waiting in the wings as a possible solution. In Michigan – a political shocker. Even as Democrats take full control of state government, Senator Debbie Stabenow drops a political bombshell. Michigan politics has been upended by the decision of Senator Stabenow to … Continue reading The Stabenow Surprise