Monthly Archives: March 2023

More Thoughts, More Prayers – No Action (Guest: Pollster Celinda Lake)

Another mass shooting with an AR-15 armed shooter brings more thoughts and prayers from NRA-owned politicians … and that’s about all. In Washington. While Republicans in the U.S. House focus on protecting kids from drag queens and classic books … instead of protecting them from being shot in their classrooms … Michigan’s Legislature continues to do … Continue reading More Thoughts, More Prayers – No Action (Guest: Pollster Celinda Lake)

Cyborg Politics (Guest: Dennis Kennedy)

Artificial intelligence — A I — is all the rage. It’s more than a tool for school kids to get help with papers, or pass the bar exam without breaking a sweat. But it can be a dangerous new tool for manipulating elections by unscrupulous campaigns, hostile foreign governments … or Tucker Carlson. No longer … Continue reading Cyborg Politics (Guest: Dennis Kennedy)

Gun Fight

Clearing the field for Slotkin, a battle over worker rights (including a potential petition drive) and a homeless GOP. That tops the conversation this week. Mark and Jeff focus, however, on the drive in Lansing to finally do something about the epidemic of mass shootings. Joining the conversation is pollster Richard Czuba of the Glengariff … Continue reading Gun Fight

March Madness (Guest: Saul Anuzis)

Yes, it’s the “March Madness” edition of “A Republic, If You Can Keep It”. This year, the orgy of college basketball is joined by the madness that is Tucker Carlson and Fox News, along with the incredible productivity of the Michigan’s new legislative majority in Lansing. That new Democratic majority is moving major legislation at a … Continue reading March Madness (Guest: Saul Anuzis)

2nd Anniversary Edition (Guest: Corey Dukes)

Contact Us! This weekend marks the beginning of our third year with the podcast. This is show Number 108 since we kicked off our weekly chat with columnist Bill Kristol. Since then, we have had the opportunity to talk with many of the top national and state political leaders, journalists and political operatives. We thank … Continue reading 2nd Anniversary Edition (Guest: Corey Dukes)