Monthly Archives: April 2023

Finish the Job

The Biden campaign is officially underway – with Gretchen Whitmer the only Governor among the campaign’s 7 co-chairs. A signal of things to come? There are media reports of a special grand jury on election machine tampering add to state Republicans’ unenviable list of criminal investigations, even as one scandal brings a guilty plea from … Continue reading Finish the Job

Where Goeth Gen Z? (Guest: John Della Volpe)

It’s now official – Fox News lies, but that’s just a cost of doing business as the media giant buys its way out of getting caught … while failing to share the news with the millions the company has willingly deceived.Also this week: there’s a nationwide contrast on two hot-button issues: gun safety and reproductive … Continue reading Where Goeth Gen Z? (Guest: John Della Volpe)

The Attack on Transgender Americans (Guest: Equality Michigan’s Emme Zanotti)

In a study of contrasts, Donald Trump and Trump wannabes are gathered in Indianapolis as we recorded this week’s podcast. They are all paying homage to the National Rifle Association at the gun manufacturing groups annual convention … even as Governor Whitmer signs two more gun safety laws opposed by the NRA into law with … Continue reading The Attack on Transgender Americans (Guest: Equality Michigan’s Emme Zanotti)

34 Counts

But of course Mark and Jeff weigh in on the first indictments handed down against career criminal Donald Trump. Their focus: the potential political impact on Michigan (site of one of the nation’s first presidential primaries)…and on the multiple criminal investigations into prominent Michigan Republicans. Also this week: In 1866, New York state surrogate Gideon … Continue reading 34 Counts