Monthly Archives: July 2023

X – The Podcast

We’re on indictment watch again this week. By the time you are listening to us, Donald Trump could be completing his 2023 “indictment hat trick”, this time for his leadership of efforts to steal the 2020 election. In addition to his two already issued criminal indictments, he’s also facing a court date in the continuation … Continue reading X – The Podcast

Indictments Week (Guest: Clara Hendrickson)

What a week: Donald Trump on the cusp of another criminal indictment – if you’re keeping score, it would be his third… 16 of the more prominent names in the Michigan Republican Party are indicted for the Fake Electors plot… And Marjorie Taylor Greene appears in a Biden campaign commercial – supporting his record of … Continue reading Indictments Week (Guest: Clara Hendrickson)

Courts, Ethics and Politics (Guest: Former Michigan Chief Justice Bridget McCormack)

For a second time, physical violence breaks out at a Michigan Republican Party leadership meeting … this time, complete with criminal charges pending. And speaking of Republican criminals, the federal investigation into Trump’s efforts to steal the 2020 election now involves testimony from Jocelyn Benson as the investigation spreads to Michigan, Arizona and Georgia. Donald … Continue reading Courts, Ethics and Politics (Guest: Former Michigan Chief Justice Bridget McCormack)

Follow the Money

Michigan has some of the weakest government ethics and openness laws in the nation. After years of empty promises, Democrats in the Legislature are moving on a comprehensive reform package. Joining the podcast is the chair of the state House Ethics Committee, Dearborn Representative Erin Byrnes. After weeks of a U.S. Senate race with just … Continue reading Follow the Money