Monthly Archives: January 2022

PAC Man (Guest: Bob LaBrant)

Another huge week in Michigan politics: Former House Speaker Lee Chatfield, already embroiled in a criminal investigation into sexual abuse charges, is now under the microscope for massive off-the-books spending out of his political slush fund Michigan Republican co-chair Meshawn Maddock is facing pushback for an allegedly racist tweet directed at Lt. Governor Garland Gilchrist, along … Continue reading PAC Man (Guest: Bob LaBrant)

Big Lie, Bigger Conspiracy (Guest: Jocelyn Benson)

A coordinated effort to steal the presidential election — by the Trump campaign. Republicans in Michigan and four other states sent forged certificates to Congress “awarding” their electoral votes to the losing candidate, Donald Trump. We’re joined by Michigan’s chief elections officer, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, to discuss the plot along with failed efforts … Continue reading Big Lie, Bigger Conspiracy (Guest: Jocelyn Benson)

What a Week!

The full half-hour-plus this week is devoted to several amazing developments in Michigan Politics, beginning with the dual scandals enveloping former state House Speaker Lee Chatfield. Accused first of sexual abuse by his now sister-in-law beginning when she was a teenager, he’s now the subject of investigations into his massive political slush fund. Also on … Continue reading What a Week!

A Look Back (2021 in Review)

To start the new year, Mark and Jeff take a look back at two of the most tulmultuous issues of 2021: the anniversary of the January 6 assault on the Capitol and Republican efforts to rig future elections. We go back to some often prescient commentary by five in our roster of amazing 2021 guests: … Continue reading A Look Back (2021 in Review)