PAC Man (Guest: Bob LaBrant)

Another huge week in Michigan politics:

Joining the conversation is a legendary figure in Michigan politics, Bob LaBrant.

LaBrant served the Michigan Chamber of Commerce for 34 years, heading the political and legal programs. He is known nationally for his help in organizing corporate, association and chamber political action committees. 

LaBrant has been active in the redistricting process in Michigan over the past four decades. He was the primary architect of Operation Redmap – the successful 2010 effort to take control of redistricting by winning control of the Michigan Legislature. As a result of his efforts, Republicans were able to gerrymander the state to maintain control of the Legislature and congressional delegation for most of the last decade.

Throughout his career, LaBrant aggressively pursued campaign finance legislation, Department of State rulings, campaign finance complaints and political litigation. And, as a longtime friend of Bob’s, I can say that even his most ardent opponents … including Mark … respect Bob for both his incredible political talent and his impeccable integrity.

His role in the 2010 Michigan gerrymander is part of his excellent book “PAC Man: A Memoir”, a revealing look at the real world of contemporary Michigan politics.