Happy Festivus! (Guest: Clara Hendrickson)

Festivus, the holiday created by the folks on the Seinfeld TV show, is this Saturday: the TV-official day for the airing of grievances. For Donald Trump, every day is a day for the airing of grievances — and this week he had plenty of opportunity:

  • Colorado’s Supreme Court threw him off that state’s ballot … for now
  • Nearly a quarter of Trump voters say he shouldn’t be the nominee if he’s convicted of a felony, but another one-third want a president willing to break rules and the law if that gets the job done
  • Trump’s erstwhile attorney Rudy Giuliani files for bankruptcy after a defamation judgment that could next challenge Trump
  • His racist statements about immigrants poisoning America ignite fires (a puzzling statement who’s married not one, but two immigrants!).

Also this week:

  • Attorney General Dana Nessel has filed felony charges against state House Speaker Lee Chatfield. We’ll talk with one of the reporters covering the story, Clara Hendrickson of the Detroit Free Press
  • The Colorado decision on Trump gives more support to the case now in front of Michigan’s Supreme Court to do the same in our state
  • And a new tally of spending on roads says Governor Whitmer has put $2-billion into her promise to “fix the damn roads” during 2023.

And even as we were recording the podcast, more breaking news: a federal Court of Appeals has thrown out parts of Michigan citizen-drawn legislative districts. Mark and Jeff offer their thoughts even as they read the ruling while we record!

The perfect gift for the democracy lovers in your life!


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