License to Kill

Trump. Donald Trump.

A License to Kill? Donald Trump’s lawyer contends a President has the right to break the law without facing criminal prosecution, even if that means ordering a political assassination.

That was just the beginning in an especially active week of lying and sedition by the Orange Menace as he:

  • Resurrected an oldie-but-goodie lie. In 2015 it was Barack Obama who wasn’t a real American eligible to run because he was born in Kenya; in 2016 it was Ted Cruz, challenged for being a Canadian; in 2020 it was California-born Kamala Harris, challenged because her parents were immigrants. Now it’s Nikki Haley who he claims is disqualified because her parents weren’t U.S. citizens when she was born … in South Carolina.
  • Refused to sign an Illinois election pledge not to overthrow the government.
  • Went batshit crazy in a New York courtroom, with the judge finally telling him to (in effect) shut up.
  • Continued to raise millions on his every manifestation of personal grievances.

Meanwhile, the first actual voting in the 2024 presidential campaign is Monday: the battle for runner-up.

In Michigan:

  • The latest polling shows potentially big trouble for Joe Biden, and a statistical tie in the U.S. Senate race.
  • The circular firing squad once known as the Republican Party has become a total mess with two factions both claiming to be the real Republican Party – with no headquarters, but two separate websites each claiming they are the official website.
  • Leaders of the MAGA-centric party (parties?) want to eliminate primary elections for their ticket, leaving the decisions to a handful of party activists.
  • A federal court has given the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission just 3 weeks to come up with a new state House map for southeast Michigan.
  • Onetime Trump critic Mike Rogers has done a 180 in hopes of landing a U.S. Senate endorsement.
  • And Bill Schuette Jr. says he’s not running for Congress – a blow to Republican chances to flip Michigan’s 7th congressional district.
    The perfect gift for the democracy lovers in your life!


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