“Sneaker Con” (Guest: Bernie Porn)

Another remarkable week in national and state politics:

  • The Michigan presidential primary is Tuesday. Biden and Trump will win, but both can be wounded in the process.
  • Vice President Harris campaigned in west Michigan Thursday. Surrounded by Governor Whitmer, Senator Stabenow and Congresswoman Hillary Scholten – all women – the focus was on reproductive rights, an issue catapulted back to the debate by an insane court ruling in Alabama.
  • The Biden campaign goes into attack mode, focusing on the many bat-shit crazy things coming out of the mouths of Trump and his congressional stooges
  • The President has canceled another $1.2-billion in student loan debts
  • In Michigan, a major development in campaign finance reform which was spurred by onetime Republican strategist Bob Lebrant and my esteemed co-host.
  • The latest Michigan polling shows that the presidential and U.S. senate races are cliffhangers. We are joined by pollster Bernie Porn of EPIC-MRA to talk numbers.
Video: Vice President Harris and Governor Whitmer lead the Grand Rapids discussion on Reproductive Rights


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