Let’s Nuke Gaza 💣!


Jack Ohman – Tribute Content Agency

Let’s Nuke Gaza”:  that is apparently the new middle east strategy of Michigan’s “unremarkable and brain dead” congressman Tim Walberg (R-Tipton).

Also this week:

  • We were blessed with a visit from Mar-A-Lago librarian and bible salesman D. J. Trump, who announced a consolation call and more than a few so-called facts in a Grand Rapids harangue that didn’t quite match reality.
  • Dan Kildee dropped a huge hint … a $14,000 hint … about his preferred successor in Congress
  • A federal court OK’d a new state House district map that does no favors for Democrats
  • Two special elections on April 16th will bring the state House back to full strength. The Republican candidate in one of those races is called out for promoting a new state abortion ban.
  • Michigan’s Republican Party (or at least, one wing of it) X’d that a statement from the Mayor of Baltimore “Another shining example of colored Communism.”
  • In Alabama, another major upset signals that women’s reproductive rights proves to be a winning strategy for Alabama Democrat.
  • No Labels = No candidate
  • Florida will be voting in November on legalizing abortion and marijuana thanks to a state Supreme Court ruling this week. In the world of political fundraising, Elissa Slotkin continues to pile up the Benjamins: $4.4m raised, $8.6m cash on hand and Congressional candidate Curtis Hertel tallied $1.3m raised, $2m cash on hand
  • And the imaginary company Truth Social’s stock bubble is already bursting, down more than 40% from its public trading launch as investors realize there’s no there there.

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