Unindicted Co-Conspirator #1

Matt Davies – Washington Post

Another week, still more insanity…

  • It’s O.J. without the white Bronco as the first-ever criminal trial of a former President gets underway with the former publisher of National Enquirer throwing Trump under the bus. “Catch and Kill” was a strategy for keeping Trump out of political trouble. Now it describes his legal predicament: he got caught, and it could kill his candidacy, his company and possibly his freedom.
  • New York law enforcement and corrections officials are reportedly conferring with the Secret Service on what to do if Trump is sent to jail for contempt of court.
  • Arizona joins Michigan, Georgia and Nevada in criminally indicting fake electors … with Trump named an unindicted co-conspirator in both Michigan and Arizona, and facing criminal charges in Georgia.
  • The U.S. Supreme Court hears Trump’s argument that, as President, he is above the law – free to kill, stage an insurrection, accept bribes and ignore parking tickets.
  • Two more polls show a tightening presidential race, with one showing Biden in the lead among likely voters
    Marist Poll 4-22-24
    NBC April 2024 Poll
  • Sexual predator Larry Nasser is now a $1-BILLION disaster with a $138-million settlement from the FBI to victims for slow-walking the investigation. This is on top of $500-million being paid out by Michigan State University and $380-million from USA Gymnastics.
  • Another draconian anti-abortion law reaches the U.S. Supreme Court as Democrats focus on women’s reproductive freedom as Issue Number One.
  • We recorded this week’s podcast on Thursday (April 25): the 10th Anniversary of the day the Flint water supply was switched from Lake Huron to the Flint River. What lessons have we learned, and what lessons should we have learned?

Also in the news this week:

Our guest this week is the likely Democratic nominee for an open seat on the Michigan Supreme Court, University of Michigan professor Kimberly ThomasThe Michigan Democratic Party’s executive committee has formally endorsed Thomas for the open seat created when Republican nominee David Viviano decided against running for reelection. Thomas is a clinical professor of law, and the director and co-founder of the Juvenile Justice Clinic at Michigan Law and also teaches in the Civil-Criminal Litigation Clinic. She specializes in trial and appellate practice, youth justice, and criminal sentencing law. In 2017, Thomas served as a US Fulbright Scholar at the University College Cork School of Law in Cork, Ireland and is a former editorial board member of the Clinical Law Review. Before joining the Law School faculty in 2003, Thomas served as a trial attorney with Defender Association of Philadelphia.


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