So What Is Ranked Choice Voting (Guest: Hugh McNichol IV)

While state and national Republicans continue their assault on voting rights, a grassroots reform is taking shape in Michigan and across the nation. This week’s mayoral election in New York City is the most visible demonstration to date of Ranked Choice Voting, also known as “instant runoff elections.” Ranked choice voting is also used statewide in both Maine and Alaska. In the latter case, RCV could well protect moderates like Republican Lisa Murkowski from falling victim to extremist electoral assaults (in her case, from Donald Trump who’s seeking revenge for her vote on impeachment).

“Rank MI Vote” has been working quietly in Michigan for months to expand the voting reform in our state. One of the leaders of the RCV grassroots movement in Michigan is Hugh McNichol IV, an auto repair shop owner by day who has been helping build a statewide effort as a leader in “Rank MI Vote.”

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