BFD Week for Biden; More Problems for the GOP

While Joe Biden gets to celebrate a B.F.D., Republicans continue to pay homage to their Golden God nationally and in Michigan as the once Grand Old Party continues to disintegrate. One ominous sign (of many) for the GOP’s state ticket: a lack of money. The Whitmer/Gilchrist/Nessel/Benson ticket is banking millions for the fall campaign while the opposition campaigns operate on fumes.


Also this week: opponents of the Reproductive Freedom constitutional amendment lash out at the petition printer … the Republicans’ would-be Secretary of State heads to New Jersey for some Trump love even as the state GOP faces major financial woes … Democrats prepare for the best kind of party convention (boring and uneventful) … while Republicans start preliminary feuding over Tudor Dixon’s running mate in the run up to a state convention that promises too be the political equivalent of a UFC championship fight – admittedly, in the lightweight class.


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