Chips, IRA, Gun Safety and GOP Crimes (Guest: Rep. Dan Kildee)

A search warrant at Mar-A-Lago, a special prosecutor may put Matt DePerno’s campaign to be Michigan’s chief law enforcement official, and state Republicans look to what could be a volcanic summer convention. In other words, just another bizarre week in Michigan politics.


In Washington, a string of victories for President Biden. Congress is set to pass the biggest climate bill in history after already pushing through long-overdue support for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, the first gun safety law in decades and much-needed jumpstart for a domestic microchips industry.

We’re joined this week by Michigan’s senior Democrat in Congress, Flint’s Dan Kildee. As Chief Deputy Whip—part of the Democratic leadership team in Congress—he acts as an important liaison among Members of Congress and the leadership to build support for Democratic priorities and legislation. Congressman Kildee serves on three committees: Ways and Means Committee, Budget and Science, Space and Technology.

Before being elected to Congress, Congressman Kildee co-founded and served as the president of the Center for Community Progress, a national non-profit organization focused on urban land reform and revitalization. He also founded Michigan’s first land bank—the Genesee County Land Bank—which is responsible for tens of millions of dollars in redevelopment in Flint. The Genesee County Land Bank later served as a model for over 100 other land banks across the nation. Previously, Congressman Kildee served as the Genesee County Treasurer, on the Genesee County Board of Commissioners and on the Flint Board of Education.




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