A Strike and a Shutdown

This podcast is sponsored in part by EPIC-MRA Opinion Research

This week: Economist Dr. Charles Ballard on twin challenges – the UAW Strike and pending U.S. government shutdown

Michigan’s economy is staring down the business end of a double-barrelled shotgun: the UAW strike which is causing huge losses for the state’s signature industry, and a looming shutdown of the federal government. We take a deep dive into the political and economic impact on Michigan with our guest, senior economist Dr. Charles Ballard.

Also this week:

  • Donald Trump is coming to Michigan to pretend he supports unions at an event scheduled to compete with the Fox TV reality show “Republicans Who Won’t Be President,” a.k.a. The 2nd GOP presidential debate…
  • One of those master debaters, Senator Tim Scott, says the way to handle a strike is fire the strikers, a sign that he’s not looking for any union endorsements…
  • Convicted bribe recipient and former state House Speaker Rick Johnson accepted in-kind services in lieu of cash…
  • The upcoming state GOP leadership conference is missing one thing: GOP leaders

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