Monthly Archives: December 2023

Happy Festivus! (Guest: Clara Hendrickson)

Festivus, the holiday created by the folks on the Seinfeld TV show, is this Saturday: the TV-official day for the airing of grievances. For Donald Trump, every day is a day for the airing of grievances — and this week he had plenty of opportunity: Colorado’s Supreme Court threw him off that state’s ballot … … Continue reading Happy Festivus! (Guest: Clara Hendrickson)

Gone Fishing (for Bidens)

As their Lord and Master Donald Trump has commanded, Republicans in the U.S. House have officially launched a fishing expedition in hopes of finding something — anything! — they can use as an excuse to impeach Joe Biden. It was a straight party-line vote: something that may haunt Republicans next November. Just to give Democrats … Continue reading Gone Fishing (for Bidens)

Dictator for a Day (Guest: Tom Bonier)

Trump finally says it out loud: he’s open to being a dictator, but only admits to wanting to be our fuhrer for Day One. This comes as Atlantic magazine devotes an entire issue to the potential end of democracy under a return of Trump, and Liz Cheney warns that if he’s reelected he’ll never leave. … Continue reading Dictator for a Day (Guest: Tom Bonier)