Dictator for a Day (Guest: Tom Bonier)

Trump finally says it out loud: he’s open to being a dictator, but only admits to wanting to be our fuhrer for Day One. This comes as Atlantic magazine devotes an entire issue to the potential end of democracy under a return of Trump, and Liz Cheney warns that if he’s reelected he’ll never leave.

Elsewhere in the political ecoshere:

  • There’s another Republican wannabe in the race for U.S. Senator from Michigan – someone with a big personal bank account
  • One potential candidates says “no thanks”, another says “maybe” in the race to succeed Dan Kildee in Congress
  • Michigan’s Republican Party is reported to be on the verge of bankruptcy
  • The GOP battle for second place gets nastier … and low TV ratings
  • But lucky for us: CNN promises two more meaningless debates in the run-ups to the Iowas caucuses and New Hampshire primary

Joining the conversation this week is nationally respected political data guru Tom Bonier. Bonier is a veteran Democratic political strategist and CEO of TargetSmart, a political data services firm. Prior to TargetSmart, Tom co-founded Clarity Campaign Labs in 2012 and helped build it into one of the nation’s leading Democratic analytics and research firms. He has spent more than 20 years working in Democratic and progressive politics.

Prior to Clarity, Bonier served as Chief Operating Officer at the National Committee for an Effective Congress (NCEC). Throughout his career, Bonier has received numerous awards for his contributions to political campaigning, redistricting, and strategic planning.

The perfect holiday gift for the democracy lovers in your life!
“Feeble” – the latest from The Lincoln Project. Trump says they used A.I. to make him look bad. The response: no need to do that!


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