So What Happened Part One (Guest: Lt. Gov. John Cherry)

Reproductive rights win in ruby-red Kansas…
Peter Meijer pays the price…
DeVos money and (maybe) Trump’s endorsement does the job for Tudor Dixon…
Incumbents fall in state legislative races

We record the day after Tuesday’s primary election and are joined in the conversation by one of the shrewdest political analysts in the state: former Lt. Governor John Cherry.

Former staff member to Michigan State Senator Gary Corbin, Cherry served as the state political director for the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees until 1982. He was then elected to the Michigan Legislature as a state Representative, state Senator and Senate Minority Leader. He then served 8 years as Lt. Governor under Governor Jennifer Granholm.

Cherry was respected and well-liked across the aisle and was a key ally for Granholm as she battled with legislative Republicans. He’s the first in a long line of family members in state government with at least one Cherry family member in state office since 1982: Cherry’s facJohn’s wife, sister and son have all served in the Michigan Legislature…and his sister is currently Genesee County treasurer. 

On Primary Day his son John won the Democratic nomination for the state Senate after two terms in the state House.



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