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7th District Congressional Candidate Curtis Hertel Jr. talks about GOP Chaos in D.C. and his campaign in what could be the most expensive congressional race in the U.S.

Thanks to Bidenomics, there are help wanted signs everywhere, and now, there’s even a help-wanted sign at the House of Representatives to fill a sudden vacancy for Speaker. Qualifications: an ability to get along with certifiable crazies AND get laws passed without the support of the Democratic Senate or President Biden.

Also this week:

  • Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig will try again to get enough valid signatures to get on the statewide ballot, this time for U.S. Senate
  • Donald Trump is in court facing a fine and sanctions that could sink his business … and have already deflated his claims that he’s a hugely successful businessman.
  • The UAW strike continues with Shawn Fein identifying more strike targets to turn up the heat on the domestic Big 3, and poses an increasing threat to Michigan’s economy
  • President Biden shifts administration policy on border security, much to the frustration of Republicans fearful they can no longer ride the issue.

We’re joined joined by the Democrat seeking to hold onto what will be the most contested Democratic seat in Congress next year: Elissa Slotkin’s 7th. Our guest is Curtis Hertel Jr. Hertel’s political roots are local: beginning as a county commissioner, followed by county register of deeds, and then two terms in the state Senate. Most recently he was Governor Whitmer’s chief legislative liaison. Hertel comes from one of Michigan’s leading political families. His father, Curtis Sr., was Speaker of the state House; two of his uncles also served in the state Legislature, with one of them moving on to Congress; his brother currently serves in the state Senate. Just to round things out, his wife Elizabeth is the state’s director of Health and Human Services.

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