They Call Them Flippers

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Nick Pigeon leads the non-partisan Michigan Campaign Finance Network – Lansing’s “follow the money” non-profit.

In Georgia, three of Donald Trump’s attorneys have flipped – pleading guilty, getting no jail time, but agreeing to testify against the 15 remaining defendantsin the state’s RICO conspiracy case … including Donald Trump. In Washington, Trump’s chief of staff has reportedly flipped in exchange for immunity from federal charges – a deal that signals he’s got some bombshells to reveal. And in Michigan, one of the accused fake electors has flipped, signaling very bad news for the remaining 15 defendants including former state Republican co-chair Meshawn Maddock.

In Washington, House Republicans have set the stage for flipping control back to Democrats in 2025. By unanimous vote, Republicans have entered 100% MAGA mode, fully under the thumb of Donald Trump, as a virtually unknown back-bencher becomes the least qualified and potentially most dangerous Speaker of the House in a century. 

In other news:

  • Michigan’s top two universities are mired in scandals growing out of athletics – scandals that could topple MSU’s board chair, UM’s football coach … and maybe even the concept of electing the boards that run those two schools
  • North Carolina’s latest gerrymander virtually guarantees GOP control of a 50-50 state by making legislative and congressional elections irrelevant
  • Georgia legislators are ordered to make their maps a little less skewed
  • Justice Clarence Thomas is back in the news for all the wrong reasons – another favor from a friend who forgave Thomas’s quarter-million-dollar motor home loan out of the goodness of his heart
  • Michigan legislators are finally grappling with implementing anti-corruption disclosure legislation that some are calling half-hearted. We are joined by one of those critics, Nicholas Pigeon of the non-partisan Michigan Campaign Finance Network.

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