Monthly Archives: November 2023

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Governor Whitmer may have just that by now as she signs dozens of bills passed in the closing days of the legislative session. Jeff and Mark offer their take on how the successes … and delayed initiatives … of 2023 could impact 2024. They also update the nationally significant congressional race in … Continue reading Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Polling Numbers Are a Concern, But…

The latest polling in Michigan is bad news for Joe Biden … and adding to his woes, word that left-wing third-party candidate Cornell West is targeting Michigan. To make things even worse, he had another birthday! This Thanksgiving weekend also brings bad news for embattled Michigan Republican Party chair Kristina Karamo – her days with … Continue reading Polling Numbers Are a Concern, But…

Scum, Vermin, Smurfs and Smackdown

The big Michigan political story this week: the stunning decision by Flint Congressman Dan Kildee to retire from Congress. We’re joined by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Stephen Henderson to discuss the end of a mini-political dynasty and what it means for 2024 in Michigan. The heat keeps building in Republican politics: Trump refers to Americans … Continue reading Scum, Vermin, Smurfs and Smackdown

An Early Christmas!

The Legislature is taking an early (and extended) holiday break. With two House members set to resign after being elected Mayors of their hometowns, Democrats and Republicans have a 54-54 split in the state House, meaning an end (for now) of Democrats’ state government trifecta. Adding to their early holiday joy, good tidings from Republicans … Continue reading An Early Christmas!

“We Know Nothing”

We Know Nothing sums up the testimony so far from Don Junior and Eric Trump in the New York civil trial over business fraud … a trial that could put the Trump Organization out of business. In coming days we’ll likely hear more pleas of ignorance from one-time White House aide Ivanka Trump and her … Continue reading “We Know Nothing”