An Early Christmas!

Christmas comes early for the now-departed Michigan Legislature, but only after an unprecedented year of major legislation. Ho ho ho!

The Legislature is taking an early (and extended) holiday break. With two House members set to resign after being elected Mayors of their hometowns, Democrats and Republicans have a 54-54 split in the state House, meaning an end (for now) of Democrats’ state government trifecta. Adding to their early holiday joy, good tidings from Republicans in the form of guaranteed messy and expensive Republican primary for the U.S. Senate as Peter Meijer joins the field, along with more news of internal turmoil for the Michigan Republican Party.

Ethics (or a lack of same) make headlines this week. In Washington, Republicans in the Senate make it clear they have no interest in the apparent long-term corruption of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, but Republicans in the House are focused on what is, to now, an evidence-free drive to impeach Joe Biden. In Michigan, a watered-down financial disclosure package clears the state House in a late-night marathon session and is on its way to Governor Whitmer for signing. 

Also this week: 

  • Mark Brewer updates us on the legal efforts (in which he is a lead attorney) to keep Insurrection Master Strategist Donald Trump off the Michigan ballot.
  • The U.S. House votes to censure Michigan congresswoman Rashida Tlaib which could well help her in her reelection bid next year.
  • Right to Life is suing to overturn Michigan’s newly approved constitutional amendment guaranteeing women’s reproductive healthcare options
  • Legal arguments have concluded in a federal trial over whether Michigan’s Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission violated the Voting Rights Act in drawing Michigan’s legislative maps. 

We’re joined in the podcast by Bridge Michigan reporter Lauren Gibbons who has been covering all the legislative action in Lansing, as well as the federal court case on redistricting. Lauren covers state politics and policy for Bridge Michigan. Prior to joining Bridge’s Capitol team, she worked at MLive, where she led coverage of the state Legislature and the redistricting process, and before that covered the state Senate for MIRS News.

She has covered the ins and outs of Michigan politics for nearly a decade and has won awards both for her political coverage and her work documenting the Larry Nassar sexual abuse case. Lauren grew up in the Lansing area and graduated from Michigan State University, majoring in journalism and history. She lives in Ferndale, and her party tricks include Irish dancing and telling friends what political districts they live in without looking. Reach her at or on Twitter @LaurenMGibbons.

The “Celebrating 91 Indictments” mugshot mug! It’s the perfect Christmas gift that keeps on giving, trial after trial after trial.


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